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Principles of Instruction

Barak Rosenshine

The Science of Learning

Deans for Impact

Great Teaching Toolkit

Coe, Rauch, Kime & Singleton

Putting students on the path to learning

Clark, Kirshner, Paul, Sweller

A Model for Great Teaching

A Model for Great Teaching 2

Early Career Framework


EEF Research & Evidence Library


What works best

NSW Government

What works best: 2020 update

NSW Government

Why don’t evidence-based practices take hold in schools?

Fordham Institute

Education Inspection Framework


Principles behind Ofsted’s research reviews and subject reports


What makes great teaching?

Sutton Trust

Teachers' Engagement with Research


What is expert teaching?

Peps McCrea

Ask the Cognitive Scientist: How Can Educators Teach Critical Thinking?

Daniel T. Willingham

The Learning Scientists

The Woods and the Trees – Breaking Rosenshine:

Adam Boxer

Putting everything together - Enactment

Blog Bank

Kathryn Morgan

Collection of CPD Videos

Adam Boxer

Is Everyone Thinking? What are they all thinking about? This is THE Key

Tom Sherrington

10 FAQs about the challenges teachers face

Tom Sherrington

Effective Learning Habits

Jack Tavassoly-Marsh

Learning by summarizing

Tom Needham

The A|D|A|P|T approach to implementing teaching ideas.

Tom Sherrington

A Mental Model of the Learner: Teaching the Basic Science of Educational Psychol

Daniel T. Willingham

A beginner’s guide to: Professor Eric Donald Hirsch


ResearchED Home Videos


Motivated Teaching Reading Links

Kathryn Morgan

Applying the science of learning in the classroom

Howard Jones

The Invisible Lead Balloon

Corey Snuggs

Using SPDS to draw together our T&L foci

Ben Crockett

Effective Habits

Jack Tavossoly-Marsh

Deliberate Practice

Dan Hudson

How Tos

Greg Thornton & Tom Pattison

Top tips for making teaching videos

Adam Boxer

Using podcasts in teaching

Mr Gordon

How to teach using a visualiser

Ben Newmark

Beyond the aesthetic II: the practical implementation of workbook design, delive

Kat Howard

A model for the learning process. And why it helps to have one

Tom Sherrington

Interactive Teaching and Learning Map

Maddy Evans

Assorted Resources

Richard Clutterbuck

Tom Bennett Summary

Tom Bennett

Behaviour Management Q&A

Tom Bennett & Amy Forrester

Cancelling the noise

Jo Castelino

Virtual teachers: Behaviour (Podcast)

Disruption-free lessons vs Effortful engagement: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Christina McGhie

Bill Rogers on Behaviour

Bill Rogers

Setting students up to succeed – classroom climate and expectations

Adam Boxer

Kitchen Pedagogy 1:1 You Establish What You Establish

Tom Sherrington

Teachers Need to Be Taught To Teach Students to Behave

Tom Bennett

High Expectations

The Researcher Teacher

Attention is the Gateway to Cognition

Durrington Research School

Re-Establishing Teaching Routines

Tom Sherrington

Cog Science – How Behaviour Spreads:

Adam Robbins

Top 10 Tips for Managing Behaviour

Alex Quigley

Teacher Explanations

Pritesh Raichura

Explicit Instruction Video

Pritesh Raichura

Does Explicit teaching harm creativity and curiosity?

Greg Ashman

Present material in small steps - Inner Drive


Pupils can learn more effectively through stories than activities

University of Bath

Challenge Booklet

Jo Pearce

What do teachers need to know? – Part 1 – Subject Content Knowledge:

Peter Foster

Strategies to increase pace

Tom Needham

Is Explicit instruction the right approach?

Tom Needham

Psychology Learning Resources - Siegfried Engelmann and Direct Instruction

Siegfried Engelmann

What makes kids unhappy?

Sam Hall

Simplifying Cognitive Load Theory


Direct Instruction Video

Sam Hall

Cognitive Load Theory and Engelmann: A Starting Point for a Common Vocabulary

Vic Maths notes

Cognitive load theory: research that teachers really need to understand

New South Wales Department of Education

Cognitive load theory in practice: examples for the classroom

New South Wales Department of Education

An introduction to Dual Coding Theory

Oliver Caviglioli

Applying Cognitive Load Theory part 1: Overview and The Worked Example Effect

Tom Needham

Sweller’s Cognitive Load Theory in action: takeaways, thoughts & questions

Sam Brown

Retrieval Practice

Unleash Learning

Retrieval - the potential power of a ‘Retrieval Pack’

Mr Gordon


Grace Hudson

Retrieval Guide

Jade Pearce

Why a third of my lessons are retrieval practice

Miss D. Cox

Retrieval Practice - Why students love it

Pooja K. Agarwal

Making it Stick


Relearn Faster and Retain Longer: Along With Practice, Sleep Makes Perfect

Psychological Science

Insights from Learning as a Generative Activity Part 3: Learning by Summarising

Tom Needham

Mastery and Retention Strategies


Meaningful Memory

Norwich Research School

Retrieval practice – My next steps

The Educational Imposters

Ten Benefits of Testing and Their Applications to Educational Practice

A.L. Putnam, H. Roediger, M.A. Sumeracki

Multiple Choice Questions

Dawn Cox

Designing Good Multiple Choice Questions

Andy Tharby

Flipping the question: How many times can I ask the same thing?

Effective Questioning

Pritesh Raichura

Students thinking hard - Ratio

Adam Boxer

Think Pair Share

Note Making - Review Learning - Cornell versus Ebbinghaus

Top Three! High-impact, inclusive questioning strategies

Tom Sherrington


Adam Boxer

Managing means of participation

Ben Newmark

Phrasing fundamentals for Questioning

Doug Lemov

Feedback not marking

Educational Imposters

No more marking

Jade Pearce

Revisiting Dylan Wiliam’s Five Brilliant Formative Assessment Strategies

Tom Sherrington

The Art of Modelling

Tom Sherrington

Focused feedback: why less is more

Harry Fletcher-Wood

Understanding Assessment: 20 CPD slides

Tom Sherrington

Whole Class Reading

Christian Shanks

Literacy - Reading

Kate McCabe

Academic Vocabulary and Schema building

Alex Quigley

What I’m learning from reading Judith Hochman and Natalie Wexler

Kristian Shanks

Getting Students to Remember Vocabulary

James Waller

Improving Reading in Secondary Schools

Phil Stock

Applying the techniques of the 'writing revolution'

Kristian Shanks

The Single Paragraph Outline

Mr Thornton

Five ways to Ensure That Your Teaching of Reading is Effective

Christopher Such

National Curriculum

HM Government

Importance of Knowledge Based Education


What do we mean by knowledge rich curriculum?


Curriculum Design Principles

Dylan Wiliam

3000 Lessons

Greenshaw Learning

Knowledge-rich: What are we really talking about?

Mr Vallance

The Learning Curriculum

Ambition Institute

Knowledge Rich Curriculum Blog

Tom Sherrington

Skills versus knowledge: A curriculum debate that matters and one which we need to reject

Tim Oates

A Question of Knowledge Parents and Teachers for Excellence:


Curriculum Links Part 1: Underlying Principles


Curriculum: Intellectual Architecture

Mary Myatt

Twitter Slides

Christine Counsell

7 Principles of Good Curriculum Design

Stephen Tierney

What leaders need to know about curriculum

Nick Hart

Covid-19 Supporting School Planning:


COVID-19 Learning Loss: What We Know and How to Move Forward

Dylan Wiliam

Teaching Behind the Safety Line

Tom Sherrington

The Cracks in the Walls

Ben Newmark

Reaching into the corners: 12 ways learning can be hard – and what to do about it

Tom Sherrington

What Knowledge matters? Being realistic a

Adam Boxer

Using the science of mental models in my classroom

Kat Howard

Blending ‘on-line’ learning - Parents and carers engaging in home learning A checklist for schools:


Build Back Better Webinar

John Hattie & Stephen Cox

Induction for Early Career Teachers (England)


What makes professional development effective?

Fletcher-Wood & Sims

Professional learning: Growing Expert Teachers (creating an environment for growth)

Zoe & Mark Enser

Professional learning for the 21st century – Education exchange Videos

Education Exchange

EEF Evaluation reports EEF Research & Evidence Library of Guidance Report References


Summaries of evidence reviews


Leaders: Become an expert in your teachers

Shaun Allison - Durrington Research School

Building a Common Core for Learning to Teach - American Educator

D.L. Ball & F. M. Forzani

Time to replace ‘formal observation’ systems with Instructional Coaching for everyone

Tom Sherrington

The Power of Observations – Teaching and Learning Reflections

Mr Gordon

Leadership Handbooks

Nick Hart

Difficult conversations are better conversations

Kat Howard

Recommended Research

Observing Teachers

Greg Ashman

Meet Like a Champion

Paul Cline

The OAJW Teacher Development curriculum 2020-21

Dan Hudson

‘See It > Name It > Do It’ for teacher deliberate practice

Dan Hudson

Developing Teachers

Teacher Development Trust

A culture of improvement: reviewing the research on teacher working conditions


Desiging effective professional development

Ambition Institute

35 hours? The case for an annual CPD entitlement

Nick Brook

Department CPD: Bringing out the Beauty of your subject

Zoe Enser

Identifying effective professional development: forms and mechanisms

Harry Fletcher-Wood

Falling Spending on CPD

David Weston

Whole-school training. There must be another way…

Louis Everett

PLD List

Katherine Morgan

10 Tips for New Teachers

Joanthan Porter

An Integrated Approach to Teacher Development

Mr Vallance

Are you facilitating professional development?

CPD - 'Time Wasted'

Tom Sherrington

The five forms of feedback I give to teachers most often…

Tom Sherrington

Teachers’ CPD needs are massive: it needs more time and more flexibility

Tom Sherrington

Whole-school teaching and learning structures to increase teacher autonomy

Louis Everett

Driving Innovation and Improvement

Claire Robins

Systems not Goals

The Educational Imposters

Leverage Leadership and CPD

The Educational Imposters

Leadership Presence

Hannah Wilson

Motivated Leadership

Nick Hart


Mary Myatt

How to Lead School-Wide Change That Sticks

Tom Cain

Sustainable Improvement

Prof. Dr. Daniël Muijs

Autonomy with accountability. Implementing change from the ground up

Tom Sherrington

Leadership; What makes a great leader?

Matt Smith

Instructional Coaching

Steve Farndon

Instructional Coaching Podcast

Ollie Lovell

Instructional Coaching and Cognitive Load Theory

Ollie Lovell


Chris Nicholls

Towards Responsive Coaching

Josh Goodrich

Strengthening the Student Toolbox - Study Strategies to Boost Learning

John Dunlosky

Rosenshine’s Principles: 10 FAQs.

Tom Sherrington

Early Years Education Recovery Programme: CPD


Early Years Child Development Training


Professional Development Programme Phase 3 (PDP 3)


Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI)


Home Learning Environment (HLE)


National Professional Qualification in Early Years Leadership (NPQEYL)


EYFS Qualifications


Early Years Initial Teacher Training (EYITT)


Level 3 Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)


Level 3 Qualifications Review


Early Years Recovery Programme - Support and Guidance


Early Years Education Recovery Programme - Supporting the Sector


Early Years Education Recovery Programme - Stronger Practice Hubs


Early Years Education Recovery Programme - Experts and Mentors





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